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Hamburg (Germany)

City of Hamburg


Helga stoedter
Head of the Department for social Infrastructure

Birgit Gutenmorgen
District ESF – Project Manager

Objectives and activities of the organization

Hamburg released its 'Digital Strategy' in 2015. Here the aims of digitalization, especially in the field of public services, is to provide an appropriate digital infrastructure for all citizens.

Hamburg aims to follow technological developments enabling the administration in all sectors (public services, urban transport, schools and education, science, social management, safety and security, arts and culture...) in a way including the whole

Citizenship without excluding parts of its inhabitants or areas.

Role of the organization in the project

The ageing of German population is a very important issue. The population per age group (Eurostat, June 2019) shows more prominent shares of elders comparing to the other EU countries (15, 2%/14, 2% 65-79 years; 6,2%/5, 6% +80 years). Thus, the way the elders can access and use efficiently the internet becomes a growing concern for public authorities and especially for cities, which are the administrative level where more services are delivered to citizens.

In addition, offering digital solutions and opportunities to the seniors is a way to struggle against isolation and keep the elders as active citizens.

This very important topic of EUDIGIT project will be taken over by Hamburg through the setting-up of an event on the digital divide and seniors citizenship (June 2021).

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