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The gap between urban/rural areas, the digital divide and citizenship (Cluj-Napoca)


Tackling the Digital Divide Between Urban and Rural Areas: back to the sixth EUDIGIT webinar!

On 6 December, the EUDIGIT webinars returned for a new portion of city innovations, this time aimed at bridging the digital gap between urban and rural areas.
One of the most forward-thinking cities in Europe – Cluj-Napoca, Romania, was honoured to welcome you online for the newest event under the framework of the EU-funded project – EUDIGIT – European Digital Citizens.

The City of Marseille and TheMayor.EU, as partners were glad to support this effort and guarantee a useful content and interactive discussions. 

The agenda brought fresh insight into the issues and potential solutions to enabling efficient digital connection for all populations in Europe. Three panels showed how the partner cities are working to bridge the gap between the mainstream population and remote (geographically, socially or culturally) communities, what the European Union is doing to streamline this process and what experience does the Old Continent and Cluj-Napoca in particular have to share with the world in this domain.

Speakers included prominent city changers, business professionals and high-level EU experts.


Download the speakers presentations materials

Agenda of the seminar


Opening Session


Panel 1: Digital divide between mainstream urban communities and rural/remote ones


Panel 2: Bridging the digital gaps – the big picture


Panel 3: Bridging the digital gaps – the local colors



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