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Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Metropolitan Area of Cluj Napoca

M. Adrian Răulea
Development manager

Bogdan Stanciu
Communication expert


Cluj Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association (IDA CMA) is a structure comprised of the City of Cluj-Napoca and 18 other cities. One of the competences of CMA is related to adopt public policies in the field of sustainable economic development in the metropolitan area and to create the tools to implement them.

The City won the title of 'national digitalization capital', being the Romanian city with the digital procedures. The city finances the project 'Digital Seniors' that is developing the competencies and offering digitalization courses for the elders. We also support the Transylvanian Digital Innovation Hub, and its mission is to identify collaborative projects for digitalization of all the relevant stakeholders. This is an initiative perfectly aligned with the 'Digital Romania Manifesto'.

Role of the organization in the project

The area of Cluj-Napoca shows singularities on the different pace of development between the cities and the countryside. Regarding digitalization, this gap between the urban and the rural areas generates a spatial injustice between citizens which can be observed in many EU regions and which acts as a cumulative effect with social shortcomings.

Through its close links with the City, the association will bring its experience and proximity to citizens to enable the project to impact and bring together various stakeholders, actors and citizens, rural or urban, to raise their awareness of digital advances, European citizenship and the gap created by technology.

It will manage a thematic seminar on the gap between urban and rural areas, the digital divide and citizenship (May 2022).

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