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Genoa (Italy)

City of Genoa


M. Gianluca Saba
Head of International Affairs Office City Marketing, City Promotion, Cultural Activities Department Tel. : +39 010 557 2166

Barbara Poggio
Project Manager

Sabrina Bruzzone
Project Manager


One of our main goals is the promotion of the city's image and its international visibility and reliability. In order to do this, our department works together with local communities of citizens and stakeholders. Thanks to a participatory method, which can help the sustainability of the communication strategies together with the improvement of the visibility of the city, we use digital tools to engage citizenship in a new storytelling of the city.

The role of the organization in the project

The City of Genoa presents considerable achievements in the field of communication with and for the citizens. This huge experience will be valued in the project thanks to the presentation of concrete actions the City has undertaken. Indeed, the way cities and citizens communicate in the digital era is still an important issue, even in highly connected areas.

That’s why, taken into consideration its high level of expertise in this topic, the City of Genoa will organize a seminar dealing with local communication/digital tools and the opportunities they offer to improve citizenship (September 2021). It will provide all the participants with its experience of citizen’s involvement through innovative approaches: communication with citizens is a very important issue in EUDIGIT.

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