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Marseille (France)

City of Marseille


Project Manager
International and European Relations Department


The City of Marseille is a local authority located in the south of France and the oldest French city (founded 600 BC). The Phocean town is a typical Mediterranean settlement at the crossroads of economic and social exchanges, a link between the north and the south.

With regard to digitalization, Marseille is now a remarkable ecosystem and the first hub of telecommunications in the south of Europe.

However designing a “smart city for all“ in a specific context (high rate of unemployment, deprived boroughs, early leavers, migrants...) means also offering opportunities to all categories of citizens and not only to the privileged.

This is part of the City's global digital strategy, which is currently being deployed, with the support of the civil society.

The EUDIGIT project is part of this ambition: to involve all citizens in the digital era and to fight against the digital divide which threatens the social cohesion in European cities and the feelings of belonging to the EU.

Expected role of the project

The City of Marseille is the applicant and leader of EUDIGIT. It will be in charge of administrative and financial aspects as well as a facilitator for the work of partners and a moderator in all scheduled events.

The International and European Relations Department (DRIE) of the City manages all European projects of the municipality. Other departments will be associated (digital, youth, social inclusion, a disability unit...).

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