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Among our objectives are the promotion and support of initiatives related to local and regional development, advancement of cooperation between Bulgarian and European regions, support for the development of the civil society, new forms of cooperation between the NGO sector and State institutions. Support for the integration of young people into democratic society and promotion of democratic values and principles into civil society are part of TheMayor.EU’s missions.

We aim to achieve our goals through information campaigns, organization of events, seminars, courses, conferences and by the distribution of information bulletins.

Our initiative TheMayor.EU – the European Portal for Cities and Citizens

(wwww.themayor.eu) aims to narrow the gap between local governments and citizens by displaying the good work of the mayors and making them more accountable. The information platform also enhances the visibility of the European policies by disseminating their results.

Expected role of the project

TheMayor.EU will contribute to each of the seminars, to the communication activities and dissemination of the outcomes of the project. This will be achieved mainly through its freely accessible portal TheMayor.EU that is a recognizable tool for sharing of good practices among the local policy-makers and citizens of the EU. It has gained the trust of dozens of municipalities and has thousands of visitors of different nationalities daily. Thus, publishing content about EUDIGIT will make it possible to convey the messages of the project to the European citizens beyond the partner cities, thereby multiplying its impact.

TheMayor.EU will publish one material (E-book) for each meeting in English and in each partner country’s language; a call for participation for each seminar in English and local language. Furthermore, they will ensure the attendance of a share of the target participants and will contribute specifically to the dissemination tasks.

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